Annual Māori
Youth Leadership
Summit 2024

Thursday 8th August, Sir Howard Morrison Centre, Rotorua

He Rangatahi He Anamata (HRHA)

He Rangatahi He Anamata (HRHA) serves as a premier Māori Youth Leadership Summit in the region, igniting a flame of innovation and excellence within a Māori worldview.

Tailored specifically for rangatahi Māori students from Bay of Plenty secondary schools, HRHA provides an immersive experience to explore leadership, pathways, innovation, and enterprise through captivating speakers and interactive workshops.

Attendees are not only encouraged but inspired to embrace their inherent talents, equip themselves with new tools, and relentlessly pursue excellence in every aspect of their journey.

By fostering a spirit of collaboration across diverse sectors—industry, education, and Māori organizations—HRHA aims to catalyze transformative opportunities for our people, empowering each individual to reach new heights and make their mark on the world.

About HRHA

He Rangatahi He Anamata

Building a network of rangatahi Māori Leaders across the region